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"Christopher Meade's multimedia novella In Search of Lost Tim uses fictitious blogs and YouTube videos to tell the story of a blogger who is contacted by a boy who claims he lives in the 1960s and is communicating via his "Futurizer". 

Young Tim is trying to contact his future self, the political activist and secret agent Lord Tim. It's a jeux d'esprit, but also, just possibly, the future of fiction."
                                                                   - Suzy Feay, The Independent on Sunday 


On holiday Jennifer begins writing a personal blog to help her through a recent bereavement. Then she receives mysterious messages from a boy who claims to be communicating through time via his 'Futurizer'. Young Tim has lost contact with his future self, with whom he has been fighting crime across the centuries.

In their 21st Century comic book world, Lord Tim and his glamorous Sidekick are under attack from the evil Mister B.
Should Young Tim save his elder self by tackling Bailey the school bully, or his suspicious neighbour, Barry?
What are 'Futurolusions'? Why is Jennifer caught up in all this? And is Young Tim in peril as he emerges into the dangerous, grown up world?

Starring a glove puppet, cartoon characters and a blogger, featuring words, ukuleles, video, photos and drawings, this is a multimedia novella about what the future means to a group of people living in the past, the present and the pretend.

This groundbreaking 'book of the future' first 'published' in 2007 can be read on any laptop or computer, and it also looks great on an iPad.  
Please scroll through each page, playing videos as they appear. The piece takes around half an hour to read in its entirety, or read a few chapters at a time, preferably with a glass of wine 


Chris Meade is a writer and cartoonist and founder of if:book, a think and do tank exploring the future of the book, the author of The Thoughts of Betty Spital (Penguin Books) and previously Director of the Poetry Society and Booktrust. He's currently writing a transmedia novel at www.nearlyology.net and doing a PhD in Digital Writing at Bath Spa University. 


Chapter 1. 'A Boy in his Sixties Bedroom' (2 videos)

Chapter 2. Jennifer's Saddest Holiday Blog

Chapter 3. Young Tim & The Brand New Adventure (video)

Chapter 4. Jennifer & The Missing Cheesegrater

Chapter 5. "Popping up like this"

Chapter 6. Young Tim & the Smoking Alter Ego (video)

Chapter 7. Jennifer on the Smug White Thing

Chapter 8. "Cyberbullying voyeur"

Chapter 9. Young Tim's Top Secret Mission Report (includes video)

Chapter 10. Tim x 2: The Emporium of Enthusiasms and Pleasures

Chapter 11. Young Tim & The Paradox of Eternal Time

Chapter 12. Futurolusions: (Very) Short History of Time (presentation - with text version for iPhone users if it doesn't work)

Chapter 13. Tim x 2: The Threat To Tomorrow

Chapter 14. Young Tim & the Unbearable Roughness of School

Chapter 15extra. A Brief History of Planet Earth - special bonus chapterlette!!!

Chapter 15. Tim x 2: Disorder in the House

Chapter 16. Jennifer Vespas (includes video of song)

Chapter 17. "Big eye-lashed, karate-kicking..."

Chapter 18. Tim x 2: Showdown with Mister B

Chapter 19. Young Tim Goes Into Action

Chapter 20. The Mournful Time of My Life - Jennifer's Blog

Chapter 20a. Young Tim - Cat Burglar

Chapter 21. Futurolusions Presentation II (Google presentation - text version for iPhone users)

Chapter 22. Tim x 2: Multiversal Reverse

Chaper 23. Young Tim & The Hot Bodies Struggling

Chapter 24. Tim x 2: Burn, Baby, Burn

Chapter 25. Young Tim, Drums, Drugs & Nudity (includes video and images from the Underground Press Syndicate)

Chapter 26. Jennifer's Amazing Discovery

Chapter 27. Tim x 2: Time Slips & Snooze Mode

Chapter 28. Pipsqueak and The Sidekick

Chapter 29. Blood on Her Fingers, Sand In Her Hair - Jennifer's last blog

Chapter 30. And in The End (includes video of song featuring The Bettertones)

In Search of Lost Books: a literature review and bibliography, plus an iMix of music to listen to as you read.